How to send WhatsApp message without typing it

How to send WhatsApp message without typing it

WhatsApp has time and again introduced several features aimed at easing the textual, as well as audible and visible, conversations. Not only the native app but other third-party apps have realised the dominance that WhatsApp has over their own apps, which is why they give extended support for the messaging app.

Google and Apple both integrate WhatsApp services at the cores of their AI-powered digital assistants – Google Assistant and Siri, respectively. The Google Assistant allows sending WhatsApp messages using your voice, and so does Siri. Here’s how you can do that:

Send WhatsApp message from Google Assistant

On your Android phone, activate Google Assistant, if not already done. Now, if you have activated voice, say “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” to trigger Google Assistant. You can alternatively long-press the home button on your phone to activate it. Now, you will see Google’s four standard colours moving on the screen. This is when you need to say the command – “Send a WhatsApp message”.

Google Assistant will ask you who you want to send the WhatsApp message to. You will have to choose a contact from your phonebook and say the exact name with which that person’s number is fed into the contacts. Now, after you tell Google Assistant who you want to send the WhatsApp message to, it will ask you to speak the message you want to send. For promptness, ensure you speak a short message to Google Assistant. When you are done, Google Assistant will ask you if you want to send the message, reply with Yes to let it proceed with the action.

Alternatively, you can take the contact’s name after the “Send a WhatsApp message” command to eliminate a step. However, you should not add the message in the same command for better clarity. This way, you won’t even have to open the app or type anything to send a WhatsApp message.

Send WhatsApp message from Siri

Much like Google Assistant, Siri also allows users to send WhatsApp messages to the contacts without having to open the app and type the message in. In order to do that, make sure you have activated Siri on your iPhone. After that just say “Hey, Siri” or long-press the home button on all iPhone models except for iPhone X, which requires you to press and hold the Power button until the Siri screen pops up.

Now, say “Send a WhatsApp message” – either followed by the contact’s name or without it. In the latter case, Siri will ask you who you want to send the message to. Just say the name of the contact and Siri will pick the contact. Now, Siri will ask you the message you want to send. Again, the message should be precise so that the Siri’s promptness to voice is not timed out.

After you are done stating the message to Siri, tell it to send the message after it prompts you with a confirmation. Your message will be sent to the contact immediately without requiring you to open WhatsApp and type everything.


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